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Having a primary romantic and/or sexual attraction to transgendered individuals. This may or may not be inclusive of all specific permutations of people who identify in the nonbinary gender spectrum. For example, one might have a transensual orientation and specifically be attracted to individuals on the female to male (FTM) gender spectrum, such as butch identified women, masculine females, non transitioning transgendered males and/or FTM transsexuals (transmen). Identification of transensual orientation may be used in conjunction with a descriptor of gender identity, e.g. "transensual femme", and can be augmented with more specific identification of sexual/romantic orientation, e.g. "transensual femme primarily attracted to MTF (male to female) lesbians, transgendered butches, and straight transmen."
"I'm a guy who really just likes pre-op transwomen. I'm a transensual man."

"I'm transensual because I think people are so attractive when they embody a mix of masculinity and femininity, regardless of their equipment."
by myhouseinorder July 1, 2015
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