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Short for Nokien "Gazzaloddi." A gazzi is a Finnish made mountain bike tire. At a width of 3.0" they can only be used with the largest of downhill and freeride bikes. Their big, knobby treads make them grip the trail better than most tires and their large volume makes the bike feel like it has an extra 3" of suspension travel. Unfortunatly their weight and rolling resistance makes them impractical for most DH race/freeride applications. Some expert freeriders use them, but only in the most adverse conditions. They are also popular with noobs who can't negotiate a rock garden to save their hide and posers who use them to make their $4,000 DH bike that dad bought for them look cool.
Yeah, I made the mistake of running gazzies last race. I ended up with a pretty mediocre time.

Pfft! What the hell is that poser doing with gazzies, I've never even seen him take his bike off road!
by mtn freerider November 18, 2005
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