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its when u login as "apear
offline" to ur msn .. simply cuz ur afraid that some one u dont want to talk to i online , ur scared from someone who might be online , or ur "ignoring" some one nd u dont want to talk to him/her
Dude 1 : i cant remebr when was the last time i signed in as " online " on msn , i always sign as apearoffline

Dude 2 : y is that ?

Dude 1 : man im scared that someone that i dont want to talk to is online lol

Dude 2 : lo0ol , msnfobia
by mruknwn June 22, 2009

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its when one have the balls to say something to u online (msn/ chat) , or tries to pick a fight with u online nd u knw for sure he would do anything in real life
person A : hey man . jack is netballing me when ever i go online on msn , he was like ill kick ur azz when i

see u .

person B : dont worry , hes jss netballing u , hes not goin to do shit

person A: really ?

peron B:yeah, his netballs is way bigger than his actual balls
by mruknwn June 22, 2009

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