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The term "fuckboy" is to be reserved only for the worst mankind has to offer. You can typically spot a fuckboy trying to rape an unconscious girl at a party, attempting to pick up underage girls at the mall, or at your local vape shop. Typical qualities of a fuckboy include but are not limited to- a tiny penis, shitty tattoos, and a wardrobe consisting of the following brands- sperrys, vineyard vines, obey, diamond supply co., or supreme . A complete yeast infection of a human being.
"Did you see that fuckboy drive his Hummer in front of those girls while blaring his shitty soundcloud mixtape?"
by mrmandalay January 02, 2017

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Someone who believes that women, blacks, muslims, and the LGBTQ community are oppressed and have less rights than white men. A social justice warrior is unfamiliar with the concept of linear time, unable to understand that everyone has had the same rights as white men for generations. A social justice warrior wishes they could have participated in prostests in a time when certain groups actually had less rights than others, so they make up non-existent problems to fight for so that they can feel as if they are doing good for the world.
liberal arts student: did you see those xenophobic police officers shoot and kill that man just because he was muslim?
me: actually, they shot him because he killed 9 people with a machete.
liberal arts student: NO THEY SHOT HIM BECAUSE THEY ARE RACIST WHITE COPS #$% *unintelligible*
me: *sighs* stop being such a social justice warrior.
by mrmandalay January 02, 2017

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