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Remarkable drama/sci-fi TV series that virtually renders any other form of TV entertainment completely obsolete.
"I've heard 'Television' is going to be renamed to 'Battlestar Galactica', since scientists have concluded that logically, it is the only program worth seeing. As of 00:00 tonight, all other programs are going to be abolished and daily programming will consist solely on Battlestar Galactica runs and re-runs for the next hundred years.
-Shit man."
by mrkitano November 25, 2006
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It's the Japanese equivalent of God or Jesus Christ. This is because of his immense talent as a filmmaker, comedian, writer, social commentator, satire, painter, killer, finger-cutter, hiker, athlete, stopping bullets with his chin, slapping drug-dealers around at public restrooms around 20 times in a single cut, storming and destroying magazine studios like "FRY DAY" who dare to tarnish his name, getting arrested after storming magazine studios like "FRY DAY" who dare to tarnish his name, resurrecting after mortal motorcycle accidents and coming back even more badass than before and discovering new talents, cooking, etc.

He is also the man Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer combined wish they could be.
"Takeshi Kitano died and came back to life! Now he has a broken wrist, an eyepatch, sticks chopsticks to Yakuza henchmen's eyes... and paints! God help us!
-Did you say 'God'?
-You're right--oh my..."
by mrkitano November 25, 2006
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