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long island is an island off the coast of new york, it has beaches, farms, malls, and transportation to places such as new york city. the island is often said to be shaped like a fish.there are a wide variety of places in long island that reflect the different cultures, groups and signs of affluence scattered towards the island. the island is divided into two counties, nassau and suffolk county.nassau county is the more developed and populated county.there are two parts to the county, the northshore and the southshore. the north shore of nassau county is filled with rocky beaches and affluent neighborhoods. the towns around this area are often coastal and not so built up, the houses are also often large and more traditional than those found on the south shore. the south shore of long island is the more built up part of the island. most of the towns in the area are more middle class and more of a traditional suburbia setting. many of the houses are newer developments and they are more similar to eachother. the south shore has a large variety of shopping centers and a larger population. some of the more affluent areas of the south shore include garden city and rockville centres. some of the more popular destinations include the barrier islands just off the coast such as long beach and jones beach. beaches such as these have smooth sand and often popular boardwalks. the next county is suffolk county, which is larger than nassau county in area. suffolk county has a large variety of neighborhoods from the industrial areas of smithtown to the smaller towns of quogue. suffolk county is more of what traditional long island is. there are many farms, beaches and small towns in suffolk county, which make it a popular tourist destination. suffolk county also has more popular tourist destinations such as the hamptons and montauk point. both of these areas contain beaches and attractions which make them desireable for summer homes. the hamptons are the main attraction of this part of the island, attracting many people a year, many come for the lazy summer days and the partying at night. outlet stores in places such as riverhead and vineyards in the north eastern part of sufflok county also attract visitors. long island is truely a unique destination that could only be understood by the locals.
a long island accent: yo im from lawnguyland and i enjoy qualling my friends and going to diners, i also enjoy going to the beach and playing baull with my doaaawg. i hope to go to skaool one day in the city.
by moose3245324 July 24, 2006

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