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A male or female who actively engages in pursuing females of the "chola" breed for mating and/or dating. A chola can be noticed by their thin, unnatural sharpie-drawn eyebrows that arch like antennas, long black hair that has been curled beyond recognition, muffin tops that make even the people of Wal-Mart want to hurl, long fake fingernails (usually with glued-on designs), and deep red lipstick that looks pink when it's lip-lined by the deepest shade of brown-red you have ever seen. Most cholas also can be spotted with ungodly layers of makeup, usually around the eye area.

Chola chasers can be spotted by their dirty appearance and odd demeanor. Most chola chasers are cholas or cholos themselves. But the remainder of them usually bear the same characteristics described in a chola.
"That guy is such a chola chaser! I mean, look at the way he watches that girl's muffin top bounce while he licks his lips!"
by moorejw February 10, 2011
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The modern-day Gold Rush, in which too many people are moving to Colorado to work in the marijuana industry
That homeless dude is just another victim of the green rush. He can't find a job anywhere because everyone already took them.
by moorejw April 24, 2016
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