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Small county located in Georgia with a population of about 30,000 is full of whatever you can imagine but they are all wannabes because it self the county is just trees and roads the only real group are rednecks, the school is nickname the sham is got a lame Football team that is only good for parting after losing a game because the cheerleaders are really slutty it also has a lame Basketball team, the only sports worth cheering are soccer that makes it to the play-offs every year and is always kicking private school ass and the golf, tennis, Baseball, swimming and wresteling all which have statee tittles but no one knows!!
-Tony: "Hey matt, how is the Habersham football team this year?"
-Matt: "We have not lost by more than 30 points this season!!"
-Tony: "That's awesome!! a new county record!!"
-Matt: "Yup, we are improving, And how is soccer team?"
-Tony: "We have perfect record so far and we are pretty much in play-offs already, so that's the 3rd region tittle in a row"
-Matt: "ZZZZzzzZZZZZzzz"
-Tony; "losers"
by monkeylion January 04, 2008
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