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Small city in outer west Sydney. Bums enjoy pissing games during the night and the main malls are filled with packs of adolescents (usually Teenyboppers) pissing their lives away for Thursday night shopping.
No bus-ride is ever complete in Campbelltown if there isn't somebody who is twitching, drinking alcohol or smells like alcohol, cigarette and sweat. Boofheads enjoy revving up riced up old Commodores, Corollas or Excels to entertain themselves and anybody else who isn't annoyed. At least the council tries to help...
Outsider: I'm going to shop in Campbelltown Thursday night.
C'Town Teenybopper: Don't get rolled for your virginity.
Outsider: WooooOOOOrRd.
by monkeygun November 12, 2005
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Another word for the Southern Cross, often displayed in Australia on the back of a car, board shorts or skin. Usually indicative of insecure patriotism.
1: Hey check out my new car.
2: Hey its nice. But what's with the bogan stamp?
1: Fends off the ethnics.
by monkeygun May 20, 2008
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