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Amazing British band that have been going strong for 30 years. Led by amazing vocalist Robert Smith, often known for his huge candy floss like hair and make up the Cure has had many different lineups. The Current lineup being Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper and Porl Thompson.
The Cure are sometimes classed as "goth" and more currently "emo" but Smith hates the words.
Famous for songs such as "the lovecats" and "friday I'm in love" the Cure appeal to young and old audiences. My personal favourite albums being the darker pornography and disintegration.
The Cure have a new album coming out in 2008 and it's gonna be great!
Omigosh have you heard The Cure are playing Wembley

The Cure are so amazing
by monicadarling March 26, 2008

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Famous person on myspace. Often described as being more "intelligent" than most myspace whores. Often writes blogs and has a huge interest in the cure.
Have you checked out Nellee Flamboyant's new blog?
Darling shes famous!
by monicadarling March 26, 2008

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