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A quaint town about 20 miles west of Madison, Wisconsin. Filled with roundabouts, a small collection of fast food joints and rival pizza restaurants, Mount horeb is infamous for the amount of weed and stoners within the city limits. The high school has a select few good teachers, while the rest are just shitty. The whole school is ruled under the tyranny of the corrupted administration who disregards all forms of respect towards it's students and staff members. Most of the students are very white and un-athletic in all aspects. A small percent are hicks, an even smaller percent claim racial diversity and the band is considered cool in this school. While Mount Horeb may seem like a nice place to live with its trolls, the grumpy bar and the mustards museum, but in reality a cornfield would be more interesting than mount horeb. Most kids resort to drugs or wandering Madison for entertainment. The police force in this town is especially duchy.
I can't tell my mom i'm driving to mount horeb, she'll think i'll be buying weed!
by mokk10223 September 13, 2010

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