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Contradiction in itself. A continuous chain of conflicting statements and happenings. Allow me to elaborate:

"We do it to be unique"-Despite the relative fairness in the desire to achieve the aforementioned ideal, the figure stating that on average 25% of school pupils attending secondary schools are indeed "grungers" and furthermore that on average 96% of these individuals grow out of this state of being, indicates that this is merely a collective fad, and one that is hardly unique.

"Goths are peaceful-Chavs aren't"-Ah the old "west side story" bullcrap. Chavs vs Goths. Where is the peace in the lyrics "I smash my face into a mirror" "Lets all kill ourselves" and "My girlfriend dumped me so i slit my wrists". Furthermore confrontation of any sort lacks peace, and no one is whiter than white in almost all confrontation of the like.

"We don't care about how we look"- If such was the case, why go out of your way to look like a stereotypical "grunger". Can you be "grungers" and be allowed to wear a tracksuit? Or a Nike hat? Oh wait that would be "Chavvish" who are of course scum....we aren't hateful by the way..
To summarise-

Grunger+Chav=A load of bollocks Phase that adolescent teenagers appear to be conforming to in order to obtain friends within a certain crowd, thus saving them solidarity. The resolution? The whole fucking fad shit being ended....but I'm scum for suggesting such a thing...
by mohican the greek August 09, 2005
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