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The capital city of the state of New York. Used to have a big DDR scene at Crossgates Mall, but the scene has pretty much died since the end of summer 2004, with the occasional beginner level player. The actual city is bigger than you would think. With a lot of people walking around in both Crossgates Mall and the actual city (Crossgates Mall is actually situated in Guilderland, a suburb about 1.5 miles from the inner city). Julian's, a club in downtown, is a good place to have a party, dance, eat food, and get some good ole beer. While being a small city, it still has a lot to do and a good punk/emo/hardcore scene.
Albany, also known as "EAST BUMFUCK" to a bunch of ignorant people from NYC is possibly the best city in Upstate.
by mmm pizza November 27, 2005
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What a bunch of idiots in the Shen school district think is funny, but it's really not. It's just really fucking stupid.
bob (6th grader): HEY GESS WUT

joe (another 6th grader):WUT



Me (a 7th grader): Your fucking stupid, you know that?

Then they shut up.
by mmm pizza December 12, 2005
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