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1. Can be a verb, as in "to mixx." Like, TALKING TALKING with someone, as in about to date. Also, this verb can pretty much replace any other verb you'd like, as long as it's not stupid.

2. Referring to a member of the opposite sex that you have relations with , usually sexual. Most commonly used by a boy referring to a girl.
1. "Dude, you got a cigarette? I'm about to mixx."

2. "I'm gonna go over to tha lil mixx's house for a quick mixx, mixx out."
by mixxxxxers January 07, 2008
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A pre-puberescent, unitelligent ugly girl with an ethnic flare that has been cursed with forehead acne, often accompanied by the rare and unsightly cheek acne. Does though, have undeniably nice hair, but unfortunately it doesn't compensate for her greater evils. Engages in sexual activity with boys with large chins who smoke lots of cannabis and desire to be negro.
"Oh my God, once when Sydney was faking drunk she kept dropping her phone on the floor as she tried to put it in her back pocket."

"What a dumb freshman, I heard she fucked that big-chin boy later that night!"

"Ew, I'm never going to go near him again, I don't want to catch anything."
by mixxxxxers January 07, 2008
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