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1) 'real quick' (a text abbreviation)

2) 'rage quit' (used whilst gaming, rq refers to when a player quits the game in a fit of fury, often experienced after losing in a battle, dying, etc)

3) 'requests' (used in fanfictions, particularly oneshots, where the author takes requests from the readers in the comments section)
1) (whilst texting)
"i've gotta go ask my mom smth rq i'll brb"

2)(in a game)
*player 3 killed player 1*
*player 1 left the game*
player 2: y did p1 leave?
player 3: rq
player 2: oh

3)on a wattpad fanfic description:
'fandom oneshots. rqs open, comment below'
by mixxoi April 14, 2021

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