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2 definitions by missbit©h

beakif is derived from the word "becki" coming from the Hebrew name Ribqah, possibly meaning "a snare" in Hebrew, or perhaps derived from an Aramaic name. This was the name of the wife of Isaac and the mother of Esau and Jacob in the Old Testament.

beakif is when a drunk person cannot text properly and just presses random keys
"love you beakif"
"i mooooooooo k you beakif"
"beakif is a crazy moose"
by missbit©h July 9, 2004
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coooooool way of mocking people

mocking is taken 2 mean general annoyance for personal amusement
missbit©h : i moooooooooooo k u beakif
beakif : i will always moooooooooo k u
by missbit©h July 8, 2004
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