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Abbreviation which stands for HOW STUPID CAN PEOPLE GET! Used when you want to emphasize someone's failure to think critically before acting stupidly. Also, when you want to satirically discredit someone for doing something literally stupid.
A: You've seen that freak running away from police? While driving he run over and killed 6 people!


A: Oh god another boring FFFUUUU comic about W.O.W! HSCPG...
by mimkorn November 7, 2010
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Ab abbreviation: Use that f***ing Urban Dictionary! It's a modification of the well-known UTFG (dunno what that is? UTFUD! Don't know what "dunno" is? UTFUD!) Urban Dictionary is the site you are now having opened.
A: HSHMBS I had today.
B: What is HSHMBS?
by mimkorn November 15, 2010
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Very short; Still didn't read.

Used similarly to TL;DR, but for short texts.

Could also be used, when a TL;DR is providing an abstract of a long text and one is afraid people won't read even the TL;DR cause of it's length. In that case additional VS;SDR can sum up the TL;DR in a super succint manner.
(online chat)
A: Dude, lemme tell you about how I met this girl! So we went .. (text is 5 lines long).

by mimkorn October 1, 2018
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