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A phenomenal comeback to an insult, that arrives in your head only 30 minutes too late. Coined from George's antics in the "Jerk Store" episode of Seinfeld. Frequently encountered during the car ride home from somewhere and in more extreme cases while in bed the night after getting humiliated.
After getting caught ingesting pounds of shrimp in a meeting a coworker tells George that, "the ocean called, they're running out of shrimp" To this shaming George has no reply. Then on the drive home he comes up with a Costanza comeback, "well the Jerk Store called and they're running out of you!"
by mikey mcgillicutty May 28, 2007

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The solace masturbation you engage in immediately after getting home from a date that went uncontrollably awry.
Guy #1: Hey man how'd it go?
Guy #2: Hold on I'll be right back to shotgun a PBR after I frustabate.
Guy #1: That bad hunh?
by mikey mcgillicutty June 16, 2008

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