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DOOM, the Metal Fingered Villain. Also known as King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, and Zev Love X. He has worked with many other artists, such as Madlib to create Madvillain, and with Dangermouse to create Dangerdoom. MF Doom was also in the rap groups Monster Island Czars and KMD. His first solo album was Operation: Doomsday, which is now very rare do to a copyright issue. MF DOOM is famous for his lyrical skills, and his premium instrumentals, called "Special Herbs and Spices." He is still active, and has just released a single for Madvillain, called Monkey Suite.
oh my achin hands
from rakin in grands
and breakin in mic stands
-mf doom
by mikeazorin October 29, 2006
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Art that uses the world as a canvas. If the artist has paid to use the canvas, it can no longer be considered graffiti. Tagging, printed stickers, pieces, and posters can all be considered graffiti, as long as they do not include any corporate advertising.
Tags, stickers, pieces, posters, are all graffiti.
by mikeazorin August 22, 2006
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