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A sexual position in which the male moves his pelvis in a "U" shaped fashion, thus creating an upside down arched motion. If the male happens to be standing, the arch of the arch deluxe may be further animated with up and down movement through rocking the feet from heel to toe.
Man, I gave it to her good last night. We got pretty wild and she got the arch deluxe treatment from the back.
by mike mc lovin December 19, 2007
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When you have been standing or walking for the majority of the day, and you legs, feet, and knees are very tired and ache like a mother fucker.
"Works been so fuckin busy lately I have been getting the Disneyland Legs."
by mike mc lovin March 02, 2008
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Living like a man is doing what you want, when you want, because you want to. One who lives like a man is free of limitations. No person can deter one from living like a man if the individual is, in fact, living like a man. Living like a man often involves eating large quantities of any kind of food which is desired at that specific time. Another common trait of one who lives like a man is a person who wants something and buys it. The mere desire to own something, however slight, is justification enough to purchase the item for someone who lives like a man.
Pussy; "You can't eat that whole bannana cream pie!"

Person who lives like a man; "Fuck off! I live like a man!"
by mike mc lovin March 19, 2008
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When one no longer wishes to live, and uses a gun to kill themself, more specifically, to shoot themself in the head.

search "bud dwyer" in any video search engine for further info.
"There was a police pursuit, and it ended when the dude got out of the car and bud dwyer'd himself right on the freeway!"

"poor guy got was feeling down and pulled a bud dwyer."
by mike mc lovin June 25, 2008
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