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A Human action taken only for the sake of and in the name of G-d, being literally "For G-d", usually one that is on behalf of other persons in need of urgent aid--such as only those who take their cause in name of G-d will provide. It is aid offered in most ernest faith and brotherhood, never for the least of material gain of any kind.
A famous example: the lawyer who takes the case of the accused man, downtrodden and racially opressed, in the novel "Cry the Beloved Country" as Pro Deo; 'For G-d'. Other examples are possible, but the phrase has fallen out of fashion--it should, perhaps, be revived.
by Mike Bishop September 27, 2007
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(n / adv) A (presumed fictional) independent opperative of legendary standing regarded for the ability to disappear and reappear in socio-tactical (frequently entheogenic) situations leaving no trace save cosmological contrails. Used to describe someone displaying these qualities.
"Where is Jimmy...he was just here?"

"He must have pulled an Agent Finn and gone for some pizza."
by Mike Bishop January 24, 2007
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A US military aircrew survival knife usually blaze orange in color that has a single side opening switch-activated blade propelled by means of a bar spring. Opposite this is a hook sharpened to cut the shroud lines of a parachute (looks somewhat like a large popcketknife can opener). Sometimes the automatic function is reversed to the hook to comply with local laws regarding switch blade knives or user prefernce. Was made in quantity by Schrade/Walden, Camilus and others from the 1950's to the early 1990's.
Handle is synthetic stag. An updated model, with a stronger coil spring less prone to fatigue and able to be easily disasembled with a hex wrench has superceded the earlier rivited design although the former is still commonly available. It resembles a large conventional pocket knife.
Although e-bay does not permit the sale of switch blade knives, a search for mc-1 will reveal the futility of such a rule.
by mike bishop January 16, 2007
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The one gun that is planned on being relied on if the 'SHTF'. Although the choice of weapon for this purpose is highly personal, most will select a robust rifle (or shotgun, especially in an urban environment) of proven ability under adverse conditions. Most importantly, it will be a weapon with which the owner is very familiar. Virtually all gun owners will, if pressed, admit that they have designated one of their arms as the 'shtf'gun.
In spite of its WW II vintage the M-1 Garand is still a favorite SHTF gun; its offers .30-06 punch and rarely malfunctions under even the most trying conditions.
by Mike Bishop September 23, 2006
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