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1.To consume, suck, inhale, snort, drink, smoke,eat with unstoppable vigor

2. To perform an act that others would consider socially inappropriate, morally depraved, and/or completely disgusting

3. To annoy others with inappropriate amounts of impatience, and pestering.

4. To solicit the presence of others when clearly unwelcome.
1. Aww dude, I just saw him Schrade that tit like a starving Ethiopian infant

2. Johnny really schraded it up, when he argued about gay porn stars at U Hots the other day.

3. That guy was such a Schrades when he pestered us to go to the dining hall after he hit that bowl.

4. It was really a pain in the balls trying to get rid of that Schrades before we went to the party.
by Zej "hung like a horse" Weyman January 30, 2009
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