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Scientific name for a black person. nigger jiggaboo spade porch monkey
There is a large Coonis Africanis population in the ghetto.
by midget slayer February 23, 2010
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The male version of Camel Toe. Usually accompanied by wearing Tight Pants or Tights like wrestlers wear. Mainly seen at Hot Topic or Journeys or Zumies.
Guy 1- Dude that guy has to be an emo faggot!

Guy 2- Why?

Guy 1- well duh, he has a Doggie Paw!

Guy 2- Whats that?

Guy 1- Look it up on Urban Dictionary dot com! Best website where you can post a bunch of shit!

Guy 2- I think I will!
by midget slayer April 04, 2010
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