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robin hood was the great storybook character who stole from the rich and redistributed it to the poor.

similarly, taking objects that do not raise too much concern from rich estates such as a highly-profitting company (basically those that are still around today after surviving the financial crisis) to supplement your poor (relative,) life or the lives of the poor (again, relative) around you, such as your friend or family.
"Here Denise, I brought you some more stationery to supplement your pencil case for school. Here's 10 erasers, 23 yellow hi-lighters and a box full of brand new pencils. Don't forget to share them with your friends in school!"

"Thanks for robin hood-ing your company for me, mommie!"


"Gee, mom, did you just robin hood your company again?"
by michiebee November 16, 2009

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