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Any stupid fuck scene kid from the Houma-Terrebonne area in South Louisiana who dresses ridiculously, normally has an all-too-adamant love for evangelical christianity, and loves myspace because there's FUCKING NOTHING TO DO IN SOUTH LOUISIANA. They can normally be seen at either The Lighthouse or The Mainstream listening to shitty scene bands (ala I Am Terrified and Abandon Kansas) or outside smoking Marlboro Menthol Lights (because they're pussies) or Pall Malls (because they're cheap), Houmacore kids also enjoy Hardcore dancing, except when houma-core kids hardcore dance, they look like eighty five year olds trying to dance to first wave ska.
search Houmacore on youtube for a parody of houmacore kids and their ridiculous ways.

Houmacore kid 1: Oh, guys, wanna go to that insert shitty band show?
Houmacore kid 2: Yeah, dude, they're so totally indie. I'll take pics of them and upload them to my myspace. Then i'll put lots of x's in the captions... you ready to go?
Houmacore kid 1: Hold on, lemme get my Virginia Slim Ultralight 120's which I smoke because although I appear to be a male, I have a vagina.
Houmacore kid 2: That's hardXcore... lemme go put on my bapes... I'm wearing them ironically, of course.
by mhmmmm. September 05, 2008
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