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Some girl that thinks shes tight
Alex W: Look at that palmeri kid
Alex L: I know, like she thinks shes tight
Alex W: I know like why does she copy my phone?
Alex L: She tries to fit in by buying the same phone as you but really shes less than cool.
Alex W: Oh no, here she comes!
Palmeri: Hey guys, whats good?
Alex L: Like you think your so tight, think your gansta and stuff by saying whats good? well your not so leave
Palmeri: Fine ill just go hang out with Frankie
Frankie (in a distance): GTFO
by metallicaowns October 6, 2009
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A guitar teacher that thinks he is the master teacher
solos over other students
gets all the chicks :|
thinks hes steve vai
Student playing with another student and one student is playing rhytm and one student is playing a solo....Mr. Fernandes comes outta fuken nowhere nd starts soloing so loud like a motherfucker in front of an audience
by metallicaowns November 27, 2009
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