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A South Korean pop group that consists of six members: C.A.P, ChunJi, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, ChangJo. They are under the label T.O.P. Media and were founded in 2010 by Andy Lee of Shinhwa. They released their album, Come Into the World, on July 9, 2010 and started their debut on July 10, 2010 in Music Core.
Person One : " Who is your favorite member of Teen Top? "

Me: " Chunji... and L Joe..... and Niel..."

Person: " Why do you like Kpop.... your white"

Me: " Yeah...... "
by met21 April 4, 2011
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The painful slap in the face one receives when they lean too far over the subway track to see if the train is coming. The subway comes... and they are slapped in the face by the train. Not hard enough to knock off their head, but just hard enough for it to be considered a Train Slap.
Me: " You better step away from the tracks, Katie, you're in for a painful train slap."

Katie: " I've been train slapped before, and I won't let it happen again"
by met21 April 4, 2011
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