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When America, China, Great Britain, or some gay third world country decides to drop an A-bomb or H-bomb on Canada and/or Israel, resulting in some other big country and/or third world country going PMS-style and reducing the whole world to ashes, therefore leaving the sole survivors with testicular cancer.
Dude, I heard they found big weapons in the Middle East.

Well if it comes down to mutually assured destruction, I'd rather die than get that cancer crap.

Hell yeah!
by Mela August 29, 2003

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a girls that give goood head on the regular , mainly in New york
a that girl from 27 street gives good ass top.
by mela May 27, 2005

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someone that get in yo face and talk hella shit and attract an crowd.
a that girl was getting hyphy
by mela May 28, 2005

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