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One of three Iron Chefs on Food Network's Iron Chef America, a knockoff of the Japanese cult sensation Iron Chef. Cooks in the Southwestern style, and has a nasty habit of clumsily knocking over things during battles.
Oh, shit! Flay just knocked over the bowl of salt!
by Mel February 07, 2005

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Term erroneously applied to oxycontin or other pain medications which are misused by certain individuals who use bad judgement thinking they will get 'high' from a medicine by misusing it against labeling instructions and better judgement instead causing death.
Even when hillbilly heroin is taken as as directed on the label and not altered in any way, you can still have an adverse reaction to it and end up toes up in the morgue.
by mel September 21, 2003

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a skinny ass girl ; a girl who is anorexic-looking; a bean pole (as in Calista Flockhart)
If the wind blows too hard, that calista is gonna get knocked over flat on her ass.
by MeL April 27, 2003

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