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The typical douche white male ranging from ages 16-25. They are most often found at parties being overly loud, obnoxious, and making a complete dick of them selves. The majority of "Bros" have played high school football at some point, which boosted their douchebaggery.

Teenage girls are usually into the whole 'Bro' persona, but realize how annoying they really are, and eventually move onto real people.

They are easily spotted, wearing:

-Tapout/ Affliction Shirts
-Plaid Shorts
-Flip flops w/socks
-Air Jordans
-Overly studded shirts
-Sleveless T's
-A baseball cap slightly tilted to the right or left

If you spot someone wearing at least TWO of these listed, you have found a Bro.
Bro 1: BROOO!!! crazy party tonight on campus bro, you down?!
Bro 2: yeah dawg for sure! let me get my wool cap and sunglasses so i look cool.
Bro 2: no fake broham i always have my wool cap and tapout shirts.
by meijerwaterlovahhh June 15, 2010

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