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However people seem to say that Hardcore is a form of grunge music, or 'movement'. Hardcore is actually a genre of dance music, that containes no element or 'punk/most/greebo' genre, but is simply electronica music, with faster beats. Quite large throughout the UK and Europe, it is played commonly at raves (A gathering of about 1000 sweaty people in an arena from 8pm till 6am, all completely mashed on either ectasy, base or cocaine (maybe even all of them).

Famous hardcore DJ's are DJ Hixxy, Scott Brown, Darren Styles, DJ Sy, Dougal & Gammer

Hardcore is not too be confused with Happy Hardcore which has sadly made an sort of epidemic around almost all chavs in the UK which contains a vast majority of chavvy scottish teenagers calibrating songs with bad beats, timing. And all of them using the same music sample on there MusicMaker. Examples of these twats are 'DJ'Cammy, 'DJ'Rankin, 'Gav Fuckin Bee' 'DJ' Carlee...and almost every other scottish teenage chav.
"Trance is shit mate, put some decent hardcore on."
"Wheres my clubland extreme hardcore CD."
"This DJ Cammy shit aint fucking hardcore."
"DJ Hixxy is by far the best hardcore DJ around."
by megan ward April 10, 2007
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