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A website that has a lot of how-to articles written and edited by HTML noobs. Whenever you make a how-to article somebody will edit it and make your article you took a lot of time to write dumb so you edit it back to what you wrote but then they edit it again. A lot of times they have bad grammer and write stupid stuff in your article so all you want to do is grab them by the neck and bash their head into every object in the room you're in and kill them.
Bob wrote a new wikiHow article but some dude called Jim that has a user page that is all screwy looking that practically screams he's an HTML noob took off everything Bob took the time to write and added retarded stuff so Bob edited it back to what he wrote but then Jim the noob did the same thing again.
Bob: WTF?
Jim: Haha n00b i pwnz yoo!!!!111!!!!!!!! i mak yoor artikle all messed up!!111!!!! hahaha roflcopter lulz!!11!!!!!11one!!!!!11oneone!
by medleogol January 05, 2010

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