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A boy/girl you think you like but, they probably don't like you back. Someone that crushes dreams.
Me: That's my crush over there.
Friend: Whatever, She won't go out with you.
Me: You're probably right.
by meVasili July 10, 2014

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When you are tryimg to sleep at 1am and your little brother is fucking talking to his girlfriend on his phone. Also when you can't concentrate because your fan is a piece of shit and it sounds like a Lil' Wayne Beat.
Me: Shut The Hell Up! It's 1am, let me sleep!
Brother: No!
Me: You are so fucking annoying...

Me: I should fix that retarded fan.
Me: It is so annoying!
by meVasili July 10, 2014

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A word to cover up the inside feelings. The word you use when your heart shatters into a million pieces.
Me: Hey, mom are we going to get Ice Cream?

Mom: No, we are going to get it tomorrow.

Me: Oh.

Me: Hey Do you want to go out to dinner sometime?

Crush: No thanks.

Me: Oh.
by meVasili July 13, 2014

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