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AKA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. A group of animal activist who are commonly misread or misunderstood. PETA members consist of radicals and extremists but also vegans such as Leona Lewis, Nia Long and Forest Whittaker. Not all PETA members are radical people. They put unhealthy and suffering animals to sleep fairly and painlessly. They aren't 100% against the use of consuming animals as much as they are against animals being viciously harmed for food and worn for their fur. They don't think human life is less important then animal life. They simply believe that animal life and rights aren't fought for enough. Just because they fight for the protection of animals of and not for humans does not make them an inhumane people. Stop judging people and things you know bits and pieces or nothing about.
PETA is hosting a protest against fur trade].

Wow, I hope change is made.

Me too.
by me94 April 15, 2010

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