1 definition by mdds1001

A man with a penis of great proportions consisting of enormous girth and length.
"He is so hot, hope he is a meatcleaver."
"Look Tireesha! I can see his hard dick through his speedo. You were right, he is a meatcleaver that I want penetrate my tight vagina!"
"Get your clammy hands off my man you whore! I worked long and hard ass to this meatcleaver, and I DIDN' get my vagina as wide as a lampshade just for a stuck up pricky ass cunt whore bitch to bounce up and down on dat!"
"I like a lot of things: candy, money, slow walks, but nothing is better than getting my ass ripped by a meatcleaver."
"This micropenis isn't doing it for me, mommy I WANT A MEATCLEAVER"
by mdds1001 January 22, 2014