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All My Chemical Romance fans are the same.

They walk around wearing the same tacky My Chemical Romance shirts based around some dark and mysterious picture with "My Chemical Romance" scribbled along the top in red writing made to look like blood because My Chemical Romance are so violent and harsh.

The majority of them wander around various internet websites just like this one being elitest snobs accusing everybody else that listens to them of being posers and 11 year old emo's who totally didn't like them way before they did but if you meet them in reality they are normally the dumb ones that walk around with a pound of eyeliner on and go to any gig because music is like their life when really all they listen to are the same poser bands the "poser fans" listen to.
A Conversation between My Chemical Romance fans.

McrFan1: Omg look at that girl she is listening to new My Chemical Romance what a poser we totally knew them before her.
McrFan2: Omg I know right, lets go whine about her on MCRmy I'm sure all the other real fans there will agree with us.
by mcransarereallystupid December 27, 2007
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