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York County; harleys, cows & cornfields. Doesn't get much better than that. Except, maybe, when it's 10:00pm and you're on your way to the new Sheetz. Where girls clad in 5-7-9 and the DEB are around every corner, while the girls that make fun of them are across the street in Polo and Abercrombie. The guys are convinced that they've slept with 70+ girls, when most of the time it's around 7. ish. The Galleria is the closest thing we have to a mall, and we get excited when the carnival comes to town. But not as excited as we will be when Gretchen Wilson comes to the state fair. Alot of nights are spent on Myspace, but who gives a fuck? We're the shit, and we know it.
Yo, man, York County is f*cking BEAT.
by mcguack September 04, 2006

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