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1. an expression of mild shock or disgust.

2. said in a less assertive manner it can be used when you can't be bothered to say anything else.
1. person a, "I think I might be tempted to put marmite on this pizza, and then rub it on my face."

person b, "Just no."

2. person a, "Do you think that global warming is having a cumulitave effect on the way we are living today, or that media hype is exadurating the situation?"

person b, "Just no."
by mayhem666 March 05, 2008
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The guys tend to wear band t-shirts, camoflage pants or combats and boots... New Rocks or para boots for example.
The girls will either dress similarly, or can be seen looking dangerous and sexy.

Those who favour Black Metal over other genres of metal will usually wear more black, a vast array of metal spikes, and sometimes Corpsepaint.

Either way long hair is must, for headbanging etc.

The most important aspect to being a metaller however, is a genuine love for the music, a passion which starts deep in the soul, makes your skin tingle, and has you screaming "HELL YEAH!!" If you don't get this feeling early on, the you're not ever likely to get it.

Some of the genres they will listen too include; Death, Black, Power, Classic, Doom, NWOBHM, Progressive, Thrash, Speed, Industrial, Melodic Death, Folk.

Being a metaller also often includes a lifestyle of drinking, sex, smoking, going to gigs, getting down and dirty in the Pit, and just generally immersing ones self in dedication to music, wether it be listening to or playing it, and all the knowlege which goes with it.

Metallers can spot a poser (or 'New Breed')a mile off. A true metaller is in it for life; its not a choice, its a calling.

1st metaller; do they suffer for coming after the whole melodic death metal zeitgeist?

2nd metaller; to me, its a continuation of what that music is doing, theyre pushing it to new extreme levels.

1st metaller; awesome, now lets go get some fuckin beer.
by Mayhem666 February 28, 2008
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