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Usually used in Québec province as french canadian word, a dépaneur is simply same as a convenience store or a dep, and it's where you can buy cigarette, beer, some food, candy, coffee ,slush, juice, pop, playboy, hustler, and any kind of magazine, and gas at some of.. And where you bring your empty bottle for 10cents each or 20cents for those over 750ml.

It is the maine place to get beer from 8h to 23h every day's thats fucking great. Often open 24h and offering a delivery service for lazy people mostly in montreal est. In that part of montreal, there's also quite often a drug dealer parked just next to it standing and waiting for potential customer..
as-tu besoin de quelque chose au dépaneur ?
hey on va faire le dépaneur !
J'ai volé plein d'bière au dépaneur !
Va porter les vide au dépaneur
by maxcomx September 23, 2006
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