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an event, picture, person, etc, worth laughing at or easy to laugh at.
Man, did you see the simpsons last night? Oh, it was laughable.

WHOA! HAHAHAHA! that guy fell on his head! THAT is really laughable.
by Mauseman June 07, 2005

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Character from the popular webcomic, Scary-Go-Round. In the words of john allison: "Loveable, slightly annoying ingenue. Likes things that are fun. Works as the mayor's assistant. Has a funny way of talking. Accident prone. Became a zombie once. Has enemies in the world of the deep."
Shelly: Fallon?
Fallon: Shelly?
Shelly: He was an Argentinian agent! He was here to save me and the monkeys!
by mauseman July 28, 2005

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