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1. skemo (noun)

A hybrid of two relatively popular and now common genres of music; late 1990s ska (or reggae-rock) and the offspring of punk rock and vintage that is emo.

Ska music, made widely renowned by bands like Bad Brains and Made In Mexico, associates then-popular Jamaican reggae with typical 1980s-1990s grunge rock, rose to popularity by the early 1990s.

Emo music, originally derived from punk and indie music, reinforced with emotions and heavy, well-written, poetic lyrics, was introduced in the late 1990s by bands like Fugazi and The Get-Up Kids, later replaced by today's underground to mainstream emo music like Taking Back Sunday and Saosin.

Skemo music isn't exactly rising yet, but what's expected is fast, fun, and typically bouncy reggae beats mixed with schorching, distorted guitars, nonsensical yet emotional lyrics, screaming, and essentially with fast-paced, heavy bass, reminiscent of early rebellious punk tracks. Bands like 311 have adopted skemo-sounding music early on, and even Bad Brains sound heavily skemo at some points.

2. skemo (noun) 2

A rising look, widely popular by the early 2000s, "skemo kids", typically ranging in teenagers to men and women in their mid-twenties, resemble typical mall emos at first glance, with typical "emo kid" attire, such as:

Tight, band/slogan/vintage t-shirts
Tight skinny jeans, drainpipes, tight slacks, "girl pants", or any tight pants
Tattered Cons/Dickies/DCs/Vans/Dravens
Messenger bags
Piercings (ideally lebret/lip or plugs on ears)

But skemos show their appreciation for ska by having dreadlocks, anything with red, yellow, and green together (armbands, bags, belts, etc.), reggae veterans/American-Indian heroes (Bob Marley, Sitting Bull, etc.) imagery on attire or tattoos, anything reminiscent of African culture (wooden beads, necklaces, bracelets, etc.).

3. skemo (adjective)

Skemo/ska/emo-sounding music.

4. skemo (adjective) 2

Used to describe one who possesses an appearance resembling the second main definition of skemo.


Used to describe one with typical emotive qualities such as being depressed or having mood swings, but is usually happy due to drug overuse like reggae people stereotypically do.
1. skemo (noun)

A: Did you like (insert ska/emo band name here)'s new record?
B: Yeah. It was totally punk.
A: No way... It's too rappy and bouncy to be punk.
B: You're right, it's skemo music.

2. skemo (noun) 2

A: Look at Amy in that Sunny Day Real Estate t-shirt and tight skinny jeans.
B: She's a total mall emo.
A: No, she's wearing that bag with the Bob Marley collage on it.
B: She's such a skemo.

3. skemo (adjective)

A: (Band name) gets the guitars right.
B: Yeah, they always sound totally skemo.

4. skemo (adjective) 2

A: Look at Dixon's dreads. He looks so reggae.
B: Yeah but check out those Dravens and the white studded belt.
A: That's the most skemo-esque outfit I've ever seen.
by maura, a freeek March 04, 2007

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