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The act of inserting your penis down anothers throat to the point of the recipient gagging, thus making a "gock" sound.
Gock would be considered an onomatopoeia.
Sound commonly heard by porn actresses when performing oral sex.
Dude, I want to gock that chick so bad. Verb
She took is so deep that I gocked her. Adj
by mateo adventura January 26, 2010

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That moment when a really good conversation comes to an end, and everyone stops laughing, and you look at everyone and it's OK.
LOL, HAHAHA, ......whoa, that was a hi-lence.
by mateo adventura October 24, 2011

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A term referencing the average cuteness of a female residing in North/South Carolina.
After moving to North Carolina from SoCal, I realized that the average girl in NC was not nearly as attractive as those from Cali.

Guy 1- Dude, that chick is pretty hot.
Guy 2- Meh, I wouldn't go that far, but she is Carolina Cute.
by Mateo Adventura October 19, 2011

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