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A word commonly used by elders who want to try and act "hip". Most teachers use this expression.

A more polite was to say Damn, or dammnit.

Many forms of this word exist.
Oh crum
Also associated with twit, twerp, dumb bunny.
Most people who use this word have actually no idea what "hip" words mean.
When asked what crunk was reply: "I am not sure, maybe you should look it up on the internet or something."
Teacher - "Crummit, I messed up!"
Student - "Crummit...WTF?"
Student#2 -
by manlyman February 21, 2008
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A person who has a knack for taking control of situations. The word is usually associated with people who have swag and is synonymous with the word badass .
1. The guy who just gave a speech is a bossotropolis.

2. That bossotropolis just did a back flip through a ring of fire, and caught a kitten falling from the sky in one motion.
by ManlyMan April 09, 2012
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