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a being of extreme sexual nature. often refered to as a scientific breakthrough because no one can stare at him longer that 2 seconds without craping their pants on a count of his astonishing beauty.
"i dare you to stare at jake for 3 seconds"
"no problem!"
"1....2.... GOD DAMNIT!!!!"
by manbearpig69 April 12, 2008

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a dugick is somone who appears to be retarded and upon further observation is even more retarded then you thought. dugick is someone who lives in a 300,000 dollar house and thinks he is a full blown redneck. if you are walking in close range of a dugick beware, for he will walk in front of you and slow down just to piss you off. if you tell this dugick to get out of your way then he will respond by saying "what" at which point you start laphing hystarically and care no longer because retards are funny.
"dugick! get out of my way or walk faster"
"ha! ha! nevermind"
by manbearpig69 April 12, 2008

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