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A disturbing and perplexing phenomenon of when someone (usually male) sends another person (usually female) an unsolicited picture of a penis. Said penis can range from fully erect to flaccid or anywhere in between.

Unless emotional contact has already been established, recipients of dick pics will generally only experience negative emotions upon receiving them.

Although unsolicited dick pics are considered sexual harassment, consensual dick pics can be an exciting experience, however, the consensual pictures usually include a full body with the penis.
Betty: "Got another dick pic today on OkCupid, I wonder if they think that ever works!"
Michelle: “That's the last thing I want to see from a dude I don't know. Dicks look weird and I don’t think guys understand that. Dicks aren’t attractive all on their own.”
by makelovenotdickpics June 28, 2016

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