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When a girl wakes up in the morning not quite feelin like pdiddy and her voice sounds like that of a man's.
I woke up this morning and when i talked to lauren it sounded like i had man voice.

Woah! that girl has some intense man voice! she sounds like sean connery

i was going to call you when i got up, but then i realized i had a bad case of man voice
by mahsita69 March 17, 2010
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when a person goes to sit down at a cafeteria table only to find that someone has left some nasty ass food hidden under a napkin that nobody wants to clean up.
I was going to sit there but then I saw the food poop and instead sat next to the curly haired kid

The food poop smells like shit, I have lost my appetite
by mahsita69 December 3, 2009
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A jacket that you think has pockets but when you go to put your hands in them you realize they are fake. They are just little slits that look like pockets.
Mimi tried to put her hand in Katelyn's jacket pocket only to realize it was a fauxcket

My hands were really cold so i tried putting the in my fauxcket, but it didn't work

His tux jacket had a fauxcket
by mahsita69 December 23, 2009
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when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror to find that your face has not woken up yet.
I woke up 20 minutes ago but I still have sleep face!! my eyes are all droopy and i have blanket face

My sleep face needs to wake up! I have to go to class

He told me my sleep face looks like a sad turtle
by mahsita69 December 7, 2009
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