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A phrase used on the show 24. Most often used by Jack Bauer to express extreme anger or frustration.
Tony: He's dead, Jack.
Jack: Damn it!
by magnetite June 25, 2010

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Someone who tattles or informs another person's misdeed to authority figure. Usually about a minor offense.
Man: taking pictures in a store
Snitch: What are you doing?
Man: Taking some pictures of these items I was thinking about buying.
Snitch: runs to the store's management Some guy is taking pictures of items in your store.
Store Manager walks up to customer: Excuse me, sir, we don't allow pictures in our store. You'll need to leave.

Man sees the snitch as he exists the store. Looks at the snitch and says: Snitch!
by magnetite November 06, 2019

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