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An American Pop singer who emerged as a disco artist in the early 80's. Her first major hit was "Like A Virgin", and after performing a now legendary performance at the VMA's in 1984, caused her second studio album and single "Like A Virgin" to go platinum and sell over 2,000,000 copies in both LP, cassete and CD. Her punk-pop princess fashion including black apparel such as bustier tops, bangles, black rubber bracelets and mesh tops appealed to many young girls and started a wave of cultural phenomenon known as "Madonna-wanna's". She also caused commotion with her "Material Girl" video, which now a cult hit, is almost an exact recreation of Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds Are A Girl's best Friend" musical number, it also became popular among young children even today. it was in 1985 that the first single from her "True Blue" album, "Live To Tell" came out, and when her "True Blue" album was released, audiences everywhere were shocked and surprised to see a fresher more sophisticated Madonna, Donning a more classic look, she had cropped bleach blonde hair and wore a more elegant style of clothing. she is friggin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
"OMG she looks soooo different, she must have gone madonna!"
by madonna_80spsychohoe January 22, 2009
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