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Sad person that feels the need to bombard Urban Dictionary or Wikipedia with definitions for every piece of worthless shit in their sad lives. For instance, your average wiki-bomber will feel the need to add a definition for "Joe Smith" because "to fart as much as my friend is to do a Joe Smith"....

Errmm... yeah righty.....
Wiki-bomber: YAY! My latest sad IRC quote can now be viewed on bash.org, along with the definition for "self-inflicted-arse-banditry" of mine that you will find on Urban Dictionary. What a star of Web 2.0 I am!

Normal person: Get a fucking life.....
by macshane May 01, 2007
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An emo with an over-abundance of gay assed emotion. A gay emo!
Godammit! Lee is such a gay-assed moody hemo!
by macshane May 01, 2007
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