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Jenzie is the ship name between musician Johnny Orlandoand singer and dancer Mackenzie Ziegler . It is mainly shipped because of the cuteness between them and songs that they do together and their Day and Night tour. For example the newest song What If (released on Friday May 18 2018)

The ship name combines both of their nicknames :


They aren’t dating yet , but Jenzie shippers want them to . Johnny mostly mocks around with the idea of Jenzie by teasing his fans .
Oml do you ship Jenzie

I’m a Jenzie shipper

Jenzie is the best

Jenzie is better than Hannie(rip)
by macaronminion May 28, 2018
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Akishan is the name of a boy who is kind and caring and cute and my crush. He can be a jerk sometimes but makes up for it easily
Friend : Who do you like

Me:I like Akishan
by macaronminion May 28, 2018
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